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Just as how there are 100 different stories for 100 different couples, each wedding should be unique to you.
Why not have a wedding that is distinctly yours?

Marine dresses, accessories, furniture and small prop rentals are available.
We can arrange all the necessary options for your wedding.

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The one-of-a-kind world that rippmonster mica carefully creates and expresses with each of their pieces will move your heart.

These designs inspired by nature's beautiful flowers, plants, butterflies, animals and the sparkle of life are like talismans that stay by your side filled with the wish of bringing someone happiness through accessories.


They're perfect for your special day.

They're available by rental only.

※Some of them are available for sale.
Available by appointment only.


Please contact us for more information.

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The place we traveled to together
The place where we got married
The place where we spend time together with our family
The place we can always come back to

I think there will be days when you need to talk about the beautiful memories you've made together while drinking coffee and looking up at the starry sky.
We hope to see the new bride and groom and theire new family here again.

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