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With the sun setting on the horizon, the beach here is peaceful and beautiful.
Since it's not crowded, it's also perfect for a quick swim.

And at night, you will be soothed by the moonlight reflected on the surface of the sea, one of the most star-filled skies in Japan, and scenery that changes with the time and the seasons.
Please make yourself feel at home in this place where you can spend your time as you wish.


10 minutes by car from Amami Airport
There is a restaurant, supermarket and bakery nearby.
You can also find many breathtaking beaches and sightseeing spots scattered within a 15 minute drive.
It takes 40 minutes by car to get to Amami's city center.

​Address: 898 Sotokanehisa, Kasari-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture

For guests arriving by bus:
We're just a short walk away from Midoriya bus stop.

For guests arriving by taxi:
It will take 10 minutes from Amami Airport

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